A Hiroshima Orignal

Traditional Japanese confectionary in Honolulu since 1921.

Kinako dango
Handmade Mochi
Handmade Mochi
Handmade Mochi



Established in 1921

The recipes for our sweet confections were mastered and perfected in Hiroshima, Japan by founder Asataro Hirao.

Asataro Hirao came to Hawaii in 1916, to work on the sugar plantations. After a few years, he started Nisshodo, partnering with his friends Mr. Tasaka and Mr. Baba. Asataro learned to make mochi from Mr. Tasaka, who relocated to Maui and established the famous Guri Guri Ice Cream store. After Mr. Baba left the business, Asataro opened his own branch of Nisshodo in about 1921.

Nisshodo Candy Store has been family owned and operated for nearly a century, proudly offering the good people of Hawaii the best traditional mochi varieties.

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